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Tapestry Vocal Ensemble

Bayeux or Carole King? Drawing on nine centuries of music, the Tapestry Vocal Ensemble was founded in 1994. They are firmly fluid. Boston-based and world-traveled, the Tapestry Vocal Ensemble is known for what they call “bold conceptual programming,” often favoring Anon and other women composers, and boasts an award-winning discography featuring ancient, medieval, folk, and contemporary compositions. Their newest program, Transcending Boundaries, weaves together  elements of  impressionism and tango with a touch of jazz. Theirs is a synergy of innovative tradition. They inhabit the multiverse, singing ancient Hebrew and Latin chants as if in a NASA spacecraft, jazz as if it were written in the 11th century. Ask yourself. If Hildegard von Bingen were alive today, would she have a podcast? Maybe. Her Tapestry daughters do. Check it out on Spotify – Faces of a Woman.